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Hi to all… first blog in English

Oh my good, I got it! It took me a long time to figure out, how to make this WordPress multilingual. I have had planes for a long time, to have English blogs along my German ons. But it was a pain with the normal WP installation. Finally the Polylang Plugin came to my rescue.

I don’t know, how often I will blog in English now. The blogs from German will not be translated into English. I also don’t expect a load of translations in feature. Maybe I translate some Stuff about my disability (infantile cerebral palsy). It depends on the interests of my visitors.

Who ever, there will be tech blogs in English. Blogs about ASF Projects, Programming and other interesting stuff. Because English is not my native language, the English blogs are harder for me. I try my best, but there can be errors!

But first I may introduce myself a little bit. My Name is Raphael Bircher, I living in a village in south-east of Switzerland. I’ve a disability called ICP wich is a physical handicap. For nearly two decades I was a sport man. I was one of the Pionier of handicap floorball, and competed in athletics 100m Sprints. I retreated from the sport field this year.

Now I continue to my computer career wich I startet over 15 years ago. It all startet with programming my own website. Then I participate as tester in a web community project. I have had a long story as tester at Finally I go over to the Apache Software Foundation, where I’m still today. Unfortunately I have to less time for it.

My main project at the moment is Vefko, a NGO in Switzerland. On the one side we want to develop a communication and organization tools for other NGO’s. On the other hand, we do this all with people who are at the moment not able to fellow a regular work. We try to do some integration with this action.

Finally it’s also up to you, about what I write. comment down below and ask questions. maybe the next English blog will be a FAQ.